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Dr.-Ing. Christoph Müller
52062 Aachen-Germany
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Optimized Tracking

The innovative IMATRACK POWER was developed for the fully automated and self optimizing tracking of 60m² Scheffler Fix Focus Reflectors. 770 IMATRACKS were provided by Simply Solar and are currently in operation in the Solar thermal power plant India Solar One.

Each IMATRACK POWER independently analyzes and optimizes the focus with help of image processing. When the actual focus coordinates do not match with the receiver position, the solar reflector is automatically adjusted with the help of actuators until the focus is centred on the receiver window. Energy losses at the receiver are minimized with the help of three shape change actuators which automatically fine-tune the parabolic reflector shape until focus losses at the receiver window are minimized.

The IMATRACK POWER performs the tracking of a solar concentrator on the basis of the feedback of the actual focus position and size, rather than only on the calculated or measured sun position. This automatically eliminates many tracking errors. A loss reduction of over 30% has been achieved in test run series.

Constant plant monitoring, control and software updates are made easy over the Wifi network and the "Imatrack Plant Control (IPC)" Software. Faults, as high or low motor currents or component failures are reported immediately to the operational staff for fast troubleshooting and repair. With help of the DRC Android App the staff can control and adjust single dishes in the field.

The image based, self optimising tracking can be applied on most concentrating solar technologies as Dish-Sterling Systems, Fresnell and Parabolic Troughs. If you want to profit from the advantages of this innovative technology, we look forward to adapt the IMATRACK POWER to your specific application!  

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