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Dr.-Ing. Christoph Müller
52062 Aachen-Germany
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The X-Sol 100 is our innovative Solar Water Heater currently produced under license by our partners in Argentina and India.
Many problems have been observed in 20 years of practical work with common solar hot water systems, especially under the harsh conditions found in sun rich countries and high mountain regions. These experiences have lead to multiple improvements integrated into the unique, simple and robust design of the X-Sol 100. Over 3000 units have been sold so far, prooving this redefined solar water heater concept. Sales numbers reached 250 units/month. It is the only locally produced hot water system in Argentina, which can compete with low cost evacuated tube systems.

The main benefits of the X-Sol 100 are:
Modular design
Easily customizable in steps of 100L from 100L to 500L over the integrated cold and hot water rail. The supply can be adapted flexible to the actual demand and the financial possibilities
No corrosion-
long lifetime
Due to the use of high quality plastics corrosion does not exist any more, even with salty or brackish water!
Freezing tolerant
No requirement of anti freezing agent. This was prooven with hundreds of installations on the Argentinian Altiplano at temperatures below -20°C during the past 10 years.
Highly compact
The whole system comes assembled in one casing. Easy to transport, easy to install even without a plumber. Requires cold water and hot water connection only.
Low stagnation
temperature (98°C)
Even if not used over long term the system will hardly reach boiling point and so material stress, evaporation of drinking water and scaling is avoided.
No thievery
X-Sol does not contain copper or other valuable material which attracts thieves.
Optimized materials
The absorber food grade rubber material withstands 120° and the tank 100-110°C. No copper is used
Low risk of scaling
Big heat transfer area keeps local temperature in risers low, reducing risk of scaling. Scaling is also prevented by the use of plastic material.
Good efficiency
In the common temperature range of up to 50°C the system can compete with standard Chinese evacuated tube systems.
Easy maintenance
Easily maintained by the users due to the use of local materials
We are currently looking for partners:
Please contact us if you are interested in producing or distributing the X-SOL 100 in your country!
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