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Dr.-Ing. Christoph Müller
52062 Aachen-Germany
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Energy supply solutions
We plan efficient systems for heat and power supply, design energy concepts for industrial processes and buildings. We integrate renewable energies into existing electricity, heating and refrigeration systems and optimize energy storage for new and transformation projects. Our services include following working packets:
  • Demand profile analysis and modelling
  • Hourly weather data sets and reference years from different sources
  • Detailed thermal collector yield analysis and optimization
  • Detailed PV yield analysis and optimization
  • Storage capacity dimensioning
  • Solar coverage and economic optimization
  • General heat and mass transfer solutions   
  • Heat and cooling demand analysis, heat protection and optimisation
  • Heating demand analysis for buildings
  • Industrial process analysis
  • Thermal battery management
  • Desalination

CFD and FEA simulations
  • Flow and heat transfer simulations for process optimization
  • Heating and cooling processes with natural and forced convection
Mechanical engineering
  • General construction
  • Finite Elements Analysis  
  • Mechanical and cost optimisation of metal structures
Electronic design
20 years of experience in Datalogging, MPPT trackers and sun tracking devices for PV, parabolic troughs, heliostats and Scheffler reflectors including image recognition based tracking and networking (see IMATRACK POWER).
We offer an integral service including all steps up to manufacturing:
  • Circuit design
  • Board layout
  • Microcontroller and FPGA programming
  • Manufacturing
Software solutions
We develop all kind of simulations related to solar energy and storage, solar air system design, as well as GUI's for device and plant control and monitoring   
  • PC Software
  • Android Apps

Data acquistion, thermal analysis and quality control
  • Thermal imaging (buildings, industrial processes, PV plants, batteries, solar thermal systems)
  • Long and short term data acquisition (temperatures, pressures, flow, radiation....)
  • Quality inspections and repair (PV and thermal installations)
  • Data and yield analysis
  • Imaging concentrators
  • Non-Imaging concentrators
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