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Dr.-Ing. Christoph Müller
52062 Aachen-Germany
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Optimized Tracking
We offer completely autonomous tailor made PV-Trackers, based on robust, integral solutions, requiring no user input whatsoever. We managed to avoid any external sensors susceptible to failure. We offer our 20-year experience in solar engineering for joint developments of PV tracking systems  including both mechanical and electronic components. Our tracker controllers have following  basic characteristics:

  • Tracking on 1 axis (north-south or east-west) or on 2 axes (e.g. seasonal and polar)
  • Multiple axes handled in parallel
  • Decentralized, independent of external control, or communication networks
  • Autonomous operation: calculation of the position of the sun based on GPS data (latitude, longitude, time), precision 0.2°
  • Motor current monitoring
    • overcurrent
    • cable break
  • Robust design
    • without external sensors
    • sensitive components protected by optocouplers
  • Energy consumption of electronics: 1.2 W (without motors)

Tailor made, further options:
  • Supply:
    • 220 VAC (network)
    • 12-60V by independent, battery backed up solar system
    • 1000 VDC (directly powered by PV string)
  • Remote control for centralized monitoring and control:
    • Wifi
    • Fiber optic
  • Motors:
    • 12-60 VDC
    • 12-60 V BLDC
    • 220 VAC
    • 380 VAC 3-phase
  • Additional yield optimization

If you are interested in our PV Trackers, please get in touch with us.
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